Appliance Rescue Web Database

The system that was developed for Appliance Rescue allows the booking and tracing of jobs. By moving their booking system online, it enables Appliance Rescue massive scalabilty and growth for the future. One of the main features was the ability for clients to be able to log into the system and view the status of any jobs they currently have with Appliance Rescue. An attractive feature of a completely web based solution is that the data can be accessed and manipulated from anywhere in the world, in any way the user wants. With this system, Appliance Rescue can book jobs, view and print technician jobs and run sheets, track and trace jobs, allow access to clients and generate and email invoices.

Screenshot of Appliance Rescue Job Lookup Form.

Job Lookup Form

Screenshot of Appliance Rescue Technician Running Sheet.

Technician Running Sheet

Screenshot of Appliance Rescue Client Portal.

Client Portal

System Features

  • Book Jobs
  • Track & Trace Jobs
  • View & Print upcoming Technicians jobs
  • Client Login
  • Technician Login
  • Data-entry Login
  • Admin Login
  • View weekly job running sheet
  • Basic reporting
  • Generate Invoices
  • Email Invoices
  • Finalise Invoice payment
  • Track outstanding invoices
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