Mobile App to Database Connectivity

We have successfully developed systems which have the ability to feed data from your existing mobile apps seamlessly into our databases for analytical purposes.

If you are considering using an off-the-shelf app for your business, check if it has built in functionality to allow for the export of data as either EXCEL, CSV or XML. Many applications also provide built an Application Programming Interfaces (API) which allow our systems to import data accurately and securely.

Please feel free to contact us to find out if a Mobile App you use or plan to use can be integrated with one of our database solutions.


The benefits of importing mobile app data back into a central database is that you can generate further actions from it and also generate powerful reports. It is often the case that the mobile app is just a smaller part of a larger process in your organisation and creating this connectivity will complete this loop.

Keeping information regularly backed up on your database system also means that it becomes a part of your regular server backups and thus reduces the risk of loss of information.

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