The Audit Process

An audit process is a very common activity in a workplace environment and applies to almost any industry. Traditionally this involves manually filling out audit forms which will then be filed away or re-entered into an Excel spreadsheet.

There is a solution that streamlines the audit process in this ever increasingly mobile age we live in. iAuditor is a mobile application developed by Safety Culture Pty Ltd and it is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. It allows you to create audit forms (e.g. Safety Audits, Hazard Inspections, Property Inspections, etc), complete them and produce PDF reports that can be emailed back to you or shared on the SafetyCloud™.

Database Integration

Database by Design specialises in building customised databases and has now developed a system that pairs up with iAuditor. It imports the audit results from an iAuditor App using a CSV file import and provides detailed analysis of that information.

Database By Design’s software enables the creation of an action plan for Audits, assigns responsibilities to each action and tracks the status of each action to completion. It can be used for measuring KPI’s and produces tabular and graphical reports and statistics. This is all carried out and displayed on your local computers and we can even send the results back to your mobile device.

The iAuditor App

The following is a selection of features available with the latest version of iAuditor. It is by no means a comprehensive list so please visit their website for more information on its features.
Customisable Audit Forms - You can easily recreate your existing audit forms in the iAuditor app using a drag and drop interface. You can add an unlimited amount of nested subcategories and choose from a variety of input types. It is a very flexible and intuitive interface.
Shared Template Library - The Shared Template Library already has over 7,000 form templates being shared from many and varied industries. This means that you don’t have to start from scratch to get up and running, simply download one and edit it to suit.
Weighting and Audit Scoring - You have the ability to place greater importance on certain categories or questions for high priority. You can then score the results based on your own scoring system. You can easily identify audit scores that do not meet the required threshold and define the next course of action.
Capture Photos and Signatures - You have the ability to add photos and capture signatures (using finger gestures) and it even records a timestamp and location (using GPS location detection)

The Next Step

Visit the iAuditor website and download the free iAuditor 2 app for your Apple or Android device. Explore the features and talk to us to learn how our custom database can give you the most from the audit information recorded by iAuditor.

You can also contact us directly and we will take you through a demo of how information flows from the app and into our database system. The combined solution will give you a streamlined process from entry point right through to reporting.

Trial Version

Download the 60 day trial version to evaluate the functionality of our iAuditor Add-OnTools system. Click the button below to download the installation files:

Refer to the README.rtf file included in this download for installation instructions.
File size: 59.4MB

System Requirements:

  • Processor Speed - 500MHz or higher
  • Memory - 256MB RAM or higher
  • Display Resolution - 1024 X 768 or higher
  • Operating System - Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Disk Space - 100MB
  • Microsoft Access - 2007/2010 (32-Bit)

Use the username "Admin" and password "Admin" to log in the first time, you will be able to set up new users and customise the demo company as you require.

The trial period starts upon opening the program the first time and will expire after 30 days. To avoid interruption of use, please contact us at least 7 days before the trial expiry date to organise an implementation of the full version.

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