Membership System

A Membership Database System enables the effective tracking and reporting of an organisation's members. This allows for efficient and seamless communication, event co-ordination, registration, automation of renewals and payments and the tracking of different member types.

Typical Membership Database Systems include the ability to streamline membership applications, payments, renewals and cancellations, while making it effortless to assign members to different membership types or branches. A Membership Database System also makes it easy to organise, track and announce events, training and functions.

At Database By Design we develop fully customised Membership Database Systems designed to meet your unique Membership requirements.

Membership By Design

In a Database By Design Membership Database System you receive features that have been developed by our dedicated staff over the last 15 years. Some of these features include integrated mail and email merge and the ability to track all communication with your members. Mail and email merge allows you to create, print and send out personalised mail and email in bulk.

By customising your system and including the additional functionality mentioned above, we can deliver an extremely comprehensive and customised Membership Database System.

Some key system features include:

  New Memberships
  Contact Details
  Branch Details
  Member Status
  Member Type
  Member Cards
Tracking and Reporting
  Training and Seminars
  All Communication
  Mail Merge
  E-mail Merge
  Automation of keeping Contact Details up to date

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