Steamatic Inquiry System

The Steamatic Inquiry System is an SQL Server based system that allows the company and all its franchises (located all over Australia) to track a job from initial contact stage, right through to final invoicing. It then provides for Banking and credit notes enabling a Client Debit list (ATB) to be created. Statements to clients can then be issued. The status of a job can be continually monitored. Jobs and Crews can be scheduled as required. An extensive reporting system has been implemented. The database includes a Client Relationship Management System.

The database is integrated with SMS Functionality so SMS’s can be sent from the system directly to Staff and Clients. It will also record all messages sent so a history of customer communication is kept. Survey functionality has also been integrated into the system so surveys can be sent off to customers.

It is also integrated with Google Coordinator to allow scheduling and job information to be passed between both systems. Staff locations can easily be identified and monitored via their smart devices. This allows staff to be allocated to jobs nearby.

Screenshot of Customers form.

Customers Form

Screenshot of Jobs form.

Jobs Form

Screenshot of Job Update Notes form.

Job Update Notes Form

Screenshot of SMS form.

SMS Form

Screenshot of Reports form.

Reports Form

System Features

  • Track jobs from initial contact stage to final invoicing
  • Produce a debtors list at any given time – past or present
  • Create statements
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Track labour, equipment, material and miscellaneous costs
  • Purchase orders
  • Generate job correspondence
  • Job scheduling
  • Staff scheduling
  • Extensive reporting
  • Automated bulk mail and email facilities
  • Survey Monkey Integration
  • Photo Uploader integration
  • Document Management
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